Eskom Corporate Social Investment (CSI): Majadibodu Creche Water Treatment Unit

Impulse Water was requested by Eskom’s CSI division to assist with the design, installation and maintenance of a water treatment plant at the Majadibodu Creche in Limpopo Province. The water treatment plant was required to treat elevated TDS, nitrate and fluoride concentrations at the site to within the drinking water limits of SANS 241 (2011).

The water treatment option selected was a small microbiological treatment unit, coupled with two (2) granular activated carbon filters designed to deal with nitrate and fluoride. The water treatment unit was installed within a container that included a connection to the main water supply line, a storage tank for treated water and two (2) sink units for water distribution. As a value add to the project Impulse Water designed and installed a jungle gym unit around the container for the crèche to use and enjoy, as shown in the photographs below.