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A Young Lady with a Dream

A Young Lady with a Dream

A Young Lady with a Dream

At the recent 2016 Kick-Off event, MTNers were introduced to Zandile Myeza, who at first glance, would have seemed to be a quiet, shy and introverted young lady. When she addressed the 1000-strong crowd, her story made many eyes fog up a little. Her remarkable story is not only inspirational, but makes us so proud to see and hear how MTN and Impulse International uplifts and improves lives.

Zandile is currently completing her internship in Civil Engineering at Johannesburg-based Impulse International. To get where she is today has not been an easy road – leading you to wonder what or who ensured a turning point in her life – this is her story…

Zandile grew up with her four sisters in a small rural village in Eshowe, but sadly lost both her parents before the age of eight. The girls were left to the mercy of their extended family and money was always an issue while growing up. By the time she reached high school, her future seemed quite bleak and she was destined to find a job and secure some income to help the rest of her family. Luckily her family insisted she finish school and knew that great grades could possibly open doors to a better future.

A chance meeting with a Civil Engineer, while doing research for a school project on road construction, was to be the ‘light bulb’ moment in her young life. She was fascinated and knew then and there that she had found her vocation – she was to become a Civil Engineer.

Her next challenge, she would discover, was tackling the status-quo in this male dominated industry. A challenge which was, and remains one of her largest, despite her incredible success. We wish Zandile only the best as she chases her dream and redefines an industry.

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